Steps of Ishtar

The huge steps of Goddess Ishtar on the logo (the first Goddess in mythology and the main Goddess of the Neolithic period) were found in Eyn Dara Temple, located next to Sterk (in English, “star”) hill in Afrin. It is estimated to have been built between 1300 and 700 B.C.
The mother Goddess Ishtar represents and symbolizes love and war.
Afrin is the location of a multiple thousand year old Goddess culture, which in the past years transformed into women taking a leading role in the construction of a democratic model. The Turkish state’s attacks are not just against the people of Afrin but against the freedom of all women, so every woman should rise up to defend her mother culture.
Eyn Dara temple was one of the most important monuments built by the Arameans in Syria in the first millennium B.C. It is now heavily damaged after the bombardment of the Turkish Armed Forces on 26 January 2018.
The stairs leading into the temple have been razed to the ground. The relief images of birds carved into the black basalt have been turned into a pile of debris. The temple was one of the most important examples of the architecture of the Syrian-Hittite period, especially the Ishtar culture of the Neolithic period, among other similar buildings in Afrin.
As response to the attack against mother Goddess Ishtar culture, we will support the women in Afrin and resist every type of violence all around the world. The patriarchal system denies equal rights for women and its misogynist mentality prevents women from living with her nature.
We will take back our lands from the occupiers who destroy and pillage them and who represent a system that disregards women and hates values defended by women. As Ishtar’s warriors in this struggle, we must STEP towards our history, which has been taken from us for many years, with the spirit of Ishtar.
“The 21st century will be the century of women” Abdullah Öcalan