Statement from the Women of Afrin

What the people of Afrin want is to go back to live on our land: a free Afrin, not one under a fascist occupation. We were forced through the attacks of the Turkish state and their jihadist recruits to leave our land.

Now they’re changing the demography of Afrin, they’re bringing in people from other areas to Afrin and pretend as if they were the people always living there. This can be seen as a continuation of the BAAS politics, when Arab families were settled in Kurdish areas and the land was knowingly taken from the Kurds taken and given to the new families.

This is happening again. We have always had open arms for all people who want to live with us peacefully, and we will always do so. Many refugees from the war in Syria we had taken shelter in Afrin and we all lived together there. But we don’t accept to be forced off our land and watch it be given to others. We want to go back and live on our land, with our own identity and culture, with democratic, peaceful and equal relations with all people from all nationalities and beliefs. We have been co-existing with others in a way based on freedom, and now we women have to insist on this continuing.

Our future is still unwritten, and we are an active part of writing it. The shape of our future is partially in our own hands. If we see this as a situation without a solution, without hope and we choose to bow down to the existing reality, then this will be our future as well. But if we organise ourselves on all levels and we fight, then this will be our future. I can repeat this that it includes you, the women and people all over the world, who are part of what will be our future. This is why we feel that the Women Rise Up For Afrin campaign is very important.

What you can do for Rojava? There is a lot to be done.
It is necessary to inform yourselves and to inform others. There is a lot of false information spread by systems and people who don’t want to see this revolution grow because this means a threat to the existing capitalist system, which is based on inequality and oppression.

The attacks that are being directed against us have support from many European countries. Sometimes more, sometimes less visible. These European countries support Turkey’s attacks in various ways – by sending weapons, through silence, through arrangements regarding economic benefits and so on. England is not to be seen as removed from this.

You have to create pressure in various ways in order for this war not to happen. You have to organize yourself. Especially as women have to organise ourselves everywhere in the world. Only by doing this we will be able to stop the rising fascism in the world. And only as organised democratic and freedom loving women and people, it is possible to create real pressure in order to make the war stop.

Make your voices be heard everywhere in the world, create pressure, spread information, organize yourselves!

The people are afraid to stay in Afrin, so the majority are leaving to Şehba. We want a democratic self-administrated system that is based on womens liberation and ecology for all Syria. Only we have a complete project for a peaceful Syria.

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