Dear friends in Germany,

Today and tomorrow Erdogan will be on his visit in Germany. As women who came to Rojava to become part of the women‘s revolution, our hearts are with you and we send love and strength to all those who are in the streets in these days! We cannot watch calmly how Erdogan gets guarded across a red carpet meanwhile people get murdered here on a daily base due to his politics.

Erdogan‘s politics are symptom of a system based on exploitation and oppression, reproducing itself trough war and destruction again and again. We know that our answer to this system can only be a worldwide network and organization of people fighting for another world in solidarity.

We are with you in our hearts, the same as you were with us in your hearts when the fascist turkish state attacked Afrin. We will not forget that it was german weapons who murdered there. Every handshake, every tea served for Erdogan and every sign under a new weapon deal means more terror, oppression and war.

With sadness and rage we recognized the news that a kurdish comrade burned himself alive in Germany to protest against Erdogans visit, against the relation between the german and turkish state and the ongoing isolation of Abdullah Öcalan. It is the brutal circumstances which lead people to choose these methods, thus we need to fight with all our strength against these circumstances!

In years of experiences of resistance struggle the freedom movement in Kurdistan is developing a real alternative to patriarchy. Here in Rojava we see that it is women who are carrying this revolution and who are carrying out real changes. It was women who fought Islamic State, it was women who confronted german tanks in Afrin and it is women who are building communal society structures, spaces of women‘s education, who are joining the women‘s defense units or who are going to the mountains of Kurdistan to become part of the revolutionary movement.

We call to all women, feminists and LGTBI: Resist Erdogan and his fascist ideology! Disturb his visit! When Erdogan comes to Berlin and Köln, we will be in the streets. Erdogan‘s politics is an attack to all of us!

Lets continue the path of the past antifascist struggles, lets organize now to fight for the future: From the partisan‘s restistance, the Mujeres Libres to the zapatist women and the womens liberation movement in Kurdistan: Lets bring our feminist resistence to the streets and our neighborhoods – lets built up communal life and defend it. Another world is possible – lets fight for it – alive and in all our colors.

Internationalist Women in Rojava – Rise Up For Afrin!

#WomenRiseUpForAfrin #ErdoganNotWelcom

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