In Solidarity with Afrin

The Women Rise Up For Afrin campaign, founded on February 8th, 2018, is a call to the women of the world. At the time of it’s founding, Afrin had just fallen under attack by Tukey and it’s jihadist proxies. Afrin has ties with ancient goddess culture stretching back for centuries, and in modern time women’s freedom was also flourishing. The attack and ongoing occupation of Afrin is an attack on all the residents of the city, but doubly so against women.

We are collecting all the solidarity messages of women around the world in solidarity with Afrin’s women.

If you want to send a solidarity messages please write to

Support Refugees in Shehba

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In January of 2018, the Turkish army attacked Afrin, Syria, seeking to forcibly displace the peaceful city’s Kurdish population. The invasion destroyed civilian homes, bombed the city’s main hospital, and decimated key economic infrastructure. Occupying forces kidnapped, tortured, and murdered local civilians. Hundreds of thousands of people were forced to flee. Most went to Shehba, a small region south of Afrin. Many people have been living in refugee camps there for months.

The conditions in the camps are dire— especially as winter approaches. Temperatures are dropping, and it rains nearly every day. Most people live in tents and cannot access reliable electricity, fuel, or clean water. Children, the sick, and the elderly are the most vulnerable.

Most international organizations cannot, or will not, access the area to provide aid. The international community has been silent on this serious human rights issue.

This month, activists from the Women Rise Up For Afrin campaign in Northern Syria, a part of Kongra Star, are volunteering in the refugee camps in Shehba, meeting with displaced people and documenting their most urgent needs. With your donation, they can bring lifesaving supplies to people who have lost everything. Even a small gift can make an enormous difference in the life of a displaced family.

Volunteers with @starcongress and @riseupforafrin are in Shehba with the displaced people of Afrin. Your donation will help them bring lifesaving supplies to people who have lost everything. Give here: 

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